Performance Tools for Personal Improvement

Mentoring / Coaching tools that
maximise performance potential

How much more powerful will your life be when you realize your own personal strengths and can use them to improve your performance potential?

These online performance tools will highlight your strengths and uncover areas limiting your performance. They guide you and your mentor, coach or manager with questions, explanations and strategies. Together these strengthen your self-esteem, grow confidence and build resilience all vital for performance at work, as a student, an athlete or a leader.

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Welcome to Mentor Profiler™
This mentoring tool will assess your skills to be an effective mentor / coach. The Mentor Profiler™ will highlight your strengths and provide explanations and strategies to improve your limitations before you take on the responsible role of mentoring.

Mentors / Coaches should also use the appropriate Frontline performance profiler to guide the relationship with their mentee.

Welcome to Sport Performer™
This profiler for sportspeople checks the foundations of your mental strength - builds a healthy self-esteem, self-belief and resilience essential for improving your best performance.

Welcome to Student Performer™
This profiler helps you tell others how you see your world. It offers all young people a guide to being the best they can be.

Welcome to Workplace Performer™
This profiler helps you and your manager / trainer identify your strengths and the focus for changes required for higher performance.

This tool is undergoing final testing.

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